Try this with paper!

Your NEW
Church Bulletin

It's time for a bulletin makeover! Make it easy forpeople to receive and read your church bulletin!

  • Save on money instantly
  • Increase Ministry Sign-ups
  • Increase Church Awareness
  • No Paper Waste 
  • Create Bulletin x3 Faster
  • See who is viewing your bulletin

Your Digital Church Bulletin at your Fingertips!

The best alternative to your weekly printed church bulletins, cut paper waste and save $1,000s every year!

Bulletin Plus: Digital Bulletin + Builder

Your online church bulletin at your fingertips! 

Save Money

Save 1000's each year in printing costs

Cut Back on Waste

Cut your paper waste

Increase Bulletin Readership

Make it easier to receive your digital church bulletin

Create Weekly Bulletins 3X Faster

Creating your digital church bulletin is faster

No Programming Skills Needed

Anyone can build your digital church bulletin

Simple Drag N Drop

Simple drag n drop interface

Unlimited Bulletins

Create unlimited church bulletins each week

Free Stock Photos

Free stock photos for your digital bulletin

Post to Facebook & Website

Auto post your church bulletin to Facebook

Bulletin Email for Seniors

Send your digital chbulletin to email subscribers

Task Bulletin Opens & Clicks

Track church bulletin opens and event clicks

User Management

Create bulletin users to proof or edit

Schedule Bulletin 

Schedule when you want your buletin delivered

Reuse Bulletin Events

All your church bulletin event are saved until deleted

Create Bulletin Events from Calendar

Send a calendar event to your church bulletin

Ministry sign-ups at your fingertips!

Bulletin Plus: Paid / Free Event Registration

Make event sign-ups easier for your church family

Unlimited Events

Create unlimited registrations

Instantly Accept Payments

Add bank info & your all set 

Funds Transfered every 48 hrs

Collected funds are transfered every 48 hrs

Regstration Anaylics

Track sign-ups

Message Registants

Send messages to registrations sign-ups 

SSL Secured & Encrypted

User credit card info is 100% secured

3.9% + 0.30 Processing Fee

Paid event have a small credit card fee

Hide Processing Fee

Hide the fee & add it to the total event cost

Customize Reg Forms

Add images & change the colors

Export Reg Event Data

Export registration data for later use

Be Alerted when Sign-Ups Happen 

Be alerted via email when someone signs up

Weekly Transaction Reports

Accountant admin can view detailed reports

Add Events to Website

Add registration events to your website


Split event costs over two or three payments

Multiable Ticket Options

Add different priced options to registration events

Ticket Add-Ons

Add-on services to a registration event

Early Bird Discounts

Give special discounts for signing up early

Add to Bulletin & Calendar

Add registration events to bulletin or calendar

Registration Direct URL

Access registration event by single URL

Registration Feed URL

Access all registrations events by single URL

Now easier to stay connected!

Bulletin Plus: Event Calendar

The best looking church event calendar

Unlimited Storage

Create unlimited events

Create Ministry Sub Calendars

Create ministry sub calendars for app & web

Create Recurring Events

Create & edit recurring events easily 

Best Looking Church Calendar

You will never see a church calendar look so good

Search & Filter Events

Search & Filter Events

Embed on Website

Embed your calendar on your website

Calendar Analytics

Track calendar views

Customize Calendar Colors

Change the look & feel of your calendar

Homepage Banners

Add promo banners to calendar homepage

Add to Personal Calendar

Add to personal calendar form app or website

Mobile Responsive

Your calendar is mobile friendly

User Management

Create different user roles

Create Bulletin Events from Cal

Copies text from calendar & adds it to bulletin

Create Registration Events from Cal

Creates registration events from calendar Info

Attach PDF Files

Attach PDF files to calendar events

Connect with new visitors!

Best Looking Custom Forms

Think about every printed form you have around the church.

  • Save on printing costs
  • It's easy to create custom forms
  • Create prayer requests
  • Create first time visitor form 
  • Create feedback forms
  • Use for internal use

Picnic Example

This new feature to our forms is our quality feature! This feature allows you to set quantities to our checkbox form element and once those quantities are meet they are grayed out in the form. Pretty cool! This has been highly requested feature from our customers. See example blow.

If Else Feature

Our "If Else" feature is a powerful new form element you can add to your custom forms. This feature allows you to direct the user in a direction based on their answer to your questions. See a example below.

Bulletin Plus: Custom Forms

Create forms to intract with your church

Unlimited Forms

Create unlimited forms

Custom Form Builder

Build the forms you want and need

Forms Progression Feature

Lead people step by step 

If Else Feature

Lead user into different paths 

Quantity Form Feature

Assign quantities to forms 

Save on Printing Costs

Every dollar counts 

Message Recipients

Message people that submitted a form

Receive Submitted Form Alerts

Receive email alerts when forms are submitted

Export Form Data

Export form data to use later

Simple Drag N Drop

Easily create and build forms

Customize Form Confirmation

Provide a custom message after submitted

Customize Design

Add images & change the color of your forms

Form Direct URL

Direct web URL to your forms

Embed Forms on Website

Add forms to your website

User Management

Create different user roles

Attach PDF

Attach PDF files to forms

Forms Progress Feature

Step by step form submission

If Else Form Feature

Lead users based off their choice

Increase church interaction!

Bulletin Plus: Custom Notes

Create weekly sermon notes to follow along

Unlimited Notes

Create unlimited notes

Create Sermon & Other Notes

Build weekly sermon notes & much more

Save on Printing Costs

Every dollar counts 

Email Yourself Your Notes

Users can email themselves their notes

Notes auto save on your device

Notes auto save to your phone or desktop

User Privacy

Only the user has access to their notes

Simple Drag N Drop

Easily create and build notes

Customize Design

Add images & change the color of your notes

Form Direct URL

Direct web URL to your notes

Embed Forms on Website

Add notes to your website

User Management

Create different user roles

Attach PDF

Attach PDF files to notes

Keep your seniors connected!

Bulletin Plus: Email Option

Give the ability for seniors to receive all your church communication

Email Digital Bulletin

Email your digital bulletin

Email App Push Notifications

Email your app push notifications

Great for Seniors

98% of seniors have a computer

Unlimited Email Subscribers

No limits on email subscribers

Manage Email Subscribers

See who has signed up

Track Email Opens & Clicks

Track email opens by devices

Customize Email Confirmation

Customize subscribers email confirmation

Supported by all Major Email Clients

Gmail, MacMail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook & Hotmail

Schedule Email Bulletins

Easily schuedule the day & time